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Networking Switches

We are providing fine quality Networking switches which are known for high durability, superior reliability, dimensional stability, etc. Further, these are manufactured from effective technology and are known for proper usage, easy maintenance, proven performance and comprehensive features that reduce complexity and maximize return on IT. We charge industry leading rates to client's.



  • It is enough if you use our Metallocene film of 70 microns in place of 100 microns ldpe Film. In applications which require less carrying strength, we have advised using 50 micron film of our material for 100 micron ldep. The only thing we have to do is -shed the myth that ‘thicker film is stronger’.
  • Your ldpe shrink usage – hypothetical: 1000 kg at Rs. 105 = Rs. 105000
  • You have to use our shrink : 700 kg at Rs. 110 = Rs. 77000
  • You save for every usage: 300 kg and Rs. 28000 (26%)
  • If you use 50 mic of our shrink you save: 500 kg and Rs.50000 (47%)
  • You get added strength and extra shrinkage as bonus. You use less hydro carbon material. You can avail carbon credit also. You protect your product more and save your money. This is like ‘you eat your cake and have it too’.
  • If you are using 10 tons ldep per month, your saving is Rs. 2,80,000.

Networking Routers

Our range of fine quality hp Networking Routers is developed from effective technology and offers various area connectivity options. Further, these are known for fine quality, are offered in different specifications and consist of easy to use V P N capabilities and comprehensive security features.


  • Industry-leading performance — provides up to 36 Mpps forwarding performance
  • Flexible chassis selection — consists of 4 models: 16 HIM-slot chassis, 8 HIM-slot chassis, 4 HIM-slot chassis, and 2 HIM-slot chassis
  • Scalable system design — Backplane is designed for smooth bandwidth upgrade

Application Delivery Platforms

The HP Application Delivery Platforms & solutions portfolio is known for exquisite quality and usage. We adhere to industry leading guidelines and this portfolio is considered to be highly capable of hosting top class Alliance ONE applications in different areas such as Security, Mobility, UC & C, and Infrastructure on the HP 5400 zl and 8200 zl Chassis. We charge competitive rates to client's.


  • High-performance processor system — Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T 9400 Processor @ 2.53 GHz, 4 MB cache provides a high-performance compute environment designed for a dual switch slot
  • Memory subsystems — 8 GB of DDR3 - 1066 Dual-Channel memory enables fast application performance
  • Disk drive — 500 GB Sata II 7200 rpm hard disk drive allows quick data read/writes to enhance application performance
  • Session capacity — scales to 350 simultaneous voice sessions

Wireless Modem

HP networking adheres to customer's specifications, industry leading guidelines and is able to provide intelligent 802.11 n Wireless Modem networking solutions, that is needed to offer access, management and security for business of different sizes. We charge industry leading rates and our services have the flexibility of easily tailoring user's network to fulfill their varied business needs.


  • Dual stack — IPv 4 and IPv 6 support future-proofs the wireless network against obsolescence
  • Local forwarding — provides efficient data transmission and prevents the controller from being a performance bottleneck
  • Intelligent load balancing — effectively balances users between APs, increasing the capacity of the radio network
  • QoS and Multimedia — IEEE 802.11 e Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) Wireless QOS standard—when combined with wired QOS policies—provides end-to-end QOS, delivering different Wireless channel competitiveness for different services
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface — provides a connection to the network that eliminates the network as a bottleneck

Network Management

Our range of Network Management services is known for excellent quality and is capable of supporting both proprietary and standard protocols between elements being managed and the network management system. Further, we charge industry leading rates and our range of network management solutions is also able to provide basic-to-advanced device-handling capabilities.

  • RADIUS-based policy enforcement — radius-based authentication of servers and VMS when they connect provides consistent policy delivery anywhere in the data center. Configuration parameter's are delivered to the edge device through standard radius attributes.
  • IEEE 802.1 X and MAC authentication identification — Servers and VMS are identified and associated with a connection policy in DCM Controller when they connect to the network through an IEEE 802.1 X token or by transparent MAC authentication. MAC authentication does not require any client-side software or action in order to participate in DCM Controller's provisioning automation.
  • Flexible DHCP configuration options — As part of the automation process, DCM Controller performs flexible Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) operations that can match existing processes for server addressing. DCM Controller supports fully manual or automated addressing options when configuring connection policies.
  • Dynamic MAC addressing options — Servers are associated to DCM Controller's connection policies through MAC identification. DCM Controller provides extensive options for configuring MAC addresses as part of connection policies, from fully dynamic and automated by DCM Controller to manually entered addresses when the server in provisioned.
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